On Confusion

Are you confused? Please, don’t worry about it. The only honest, legitimate and true state of consciousness in this world is confusion. The only true clarity comes from accepting the confusion that exists within and without you. When you are confused you find yourself in a space of great power because you finally realize that... Continue Reading →

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On being human

"The Real People told me the only way to pass a test is to take the test. I am now at the point of my life when I can observe an opportunity to pass a spiritual test even though the situation appears very negative. I have learned the difference between observing what is taking place... Continue Reading →

What is the self?

I just loved this TED talk and feel I need to listen to it many more times to fully understand it. Enjoy! Embracing otherness, embracing myself

Breath: A mirror of the soul

Why are breathing exercises a base for stress and emotional management? It's not obviously the same to have to face a stressful situation than to go every day to a friendly work team or to arrive home and to know that the whole housework stands in front of us. Our breath mirrors every thought and... Continue Reading →

Don’t forget this!

Beginning and End Everything in this world begins and ends, everything is born and dies. All you are and have is provisional. We know this well, and yet we look the other way, so that when something starts we believe it will last forever, so that when it ends we feel betrayed, abandoned and deceived.... Continue Reading →


As dad and I came back from the volcano to the city of Neuquen, we stopped to visit some relatives of my mother that live somewhere in between. I don't remember very well where we were, when my birthday on 5th January finally arrived. I was becoming 13 years old and was going to start... Continue Reading →

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