How I came to the world

Hi.  I’m Jennié and I’m finally starting this blog. Today I’m going to share the basics of my life history, which have conditioned a great deal of it.

I was born in 1972 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a Latin american country with very chauvinist values, which, like most lands around the world is trying to expand its way of seeing gender and sexuality.  It’s an ongoing challenge.

For some strange reason (I truly believe in past lives and karma, so not SO strange for me), I was only ten years old when I decided I didn’t want to have the lives of women as I saw them around me or in the soap operas on TV.  I wrote in my diary that I didn’t want to get married or have children ever.  And there were good reasons for that. One of them was my mother.

My mother married when she was around 35 (no one knows what year my mother was born), which was quite old for those times.  The reason why she delayed her building up a family was because she is a crazy tango lover and in that time she just loved dancing tango every single day of her life.  She knew that if she got married and have children, she would not be able to dance tango again, even less with my father that didn’t dance tango at all.  So she delayed it as much as possible, but as she wanted to have children, she finally did and she gave away the idea of dancing tango ever again.  Old times.

As a consequence of this, we, her three lovely daughters, became the reason why she was frustrated all her life.  This is very difficult for a child, because IN THE MOMENT, you just believe what your mother tells you and that is stuck in your mind for the rest of your life unless you work with it in a very conscious way.  So, when I was 10 years old I already felt a great responsibility for the happiness of my mother (all children do) and I immediately associated having children with unhappiness and giving away your most beloved desires.

That´s how I started life.  Thinking that being a woman definitely had to have another way out.  So I did really a lot in life to challenge what I was taught to be a WOMAN was.  I questioned everything from day one and I still do.

This is the beginning of my story, and it’s also the beginning of how I became a psychologist and an spiritual coach, and why I call my coaching CHALLENGING.  Because I’ve been challenging how things are since very early in my life.

Till soon.



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