Don’t forget this!

Beginning and End

Everything in this world begins and ends, everything is born and dies. All you are and have is provisional.

We know this well, and yet we look the other way, so that when something starts we believe it will last forever, so that when it ends we feel betrayed, abandoned and deceived. Hence all that had begun not only ends, but it is also hated and condemned.

Whatever there is in this world begins and ends continuously. We know this. So let’s stop fighting with others and ourselves, every time something ends.

If you do not accept that something is destined to end you will always feel deceived.

The next time something starts, be fully aware of its inevitable end, accept it completely. When you learn to accept the end, then slowly you can understand what remains after the end and what is there before the beginning.

By Franco Santoro, from the Provisional Institute of Astroshamanism

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