On Confusion

Are you confused?

Please, don’t worry about it.

The only honest, legitimate and true state of consciousness in this world is confusion.

The only true clarity comes from accepting the confusion that exists within and without you.

When you are confused you find yourself in a space of great power because you finally realize that everything which seemed clear before is not real anymore.

It’s like waking up from a dream or on the contrary it’s like dreaming. Suddenly reality changes and you do not understand anything anymore.

Clarity that does not accept confusion is the result of the manipulation and programming of consciousness for which we are induced to cultivate fixed beliefs about who we are and the reality that surrounds us.

If you are confused, rejoice because it shows that you have not become a robot or a replicant.

Clarity can only be strategic, a fiction designed to manage the reality of confusion. If you feel uncomfortable about being confused, you can pretend to be clear. And this is sometimes advisable in a world where everyone seems to have clarity.

In a world where everyone pretends to be clear, confusion becomes the only moment of reality.

By Franco Santoro (http://astroshamanism.org/)

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