Breath: A mirror of the soul

Why are breathing exercises a base for stress and emotional management?

It’s not obviously the same to have to face a stressful situation than to go every day to a friendly work team or to arrive home and to know that the whole housework stands in front of us. Our breath mirrors every thought and every emotion that comes up as a consequence of our interaction with our environment.  It’s an unconscious automatic behaviour that reflects how important the provision of air to our bodies is under different circumstances.

And because this is unconscious, there is not much we can do about it. Or so it might seem…

One of the reasons why in the yoga tradition Pranayama (breathing techniques) is so important, is because they discovered that the control of the breath is of fundamental importance to reach Nirvana or enlightment. And it is so, because it is one of the ways in which to access the autonomous nervous system, which is the system in charge of the stress and relaxation response. When the sympathetic part of the autonomous system gets activated, all our body and mind get ready for the fight or flight response. When the parasympathetic system is activated, we get ready to rest, digest and heal. They noticed that the inhale is controlled by one of the systems (the sympathetic) and the exhale by the other (the parasympathetic), and science has already proved it.

So a great way to improve to our connection to our whole nature and the way in which we respond to our environment (in a stressful way or a more relaxed one) is to be in a healthy and conscious relationship with our breath and to learn some techniques that can help us improve that response.

Together with other basic techniques like relaxation, visualisation, yoga nidra, autogenous training and meditation, among others, I will start with a series of workshops in one of my MeetUp groups in Berlin that will be called: Stress and Emotional Management. The basics.

So don’t miss your chance to be a part of it!!!!



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  1. Lucky you guys that in Berlin can at least have the chance to breathe properly. In Hanoi the pollution is so harmful that sometimes we just cannot get enough o2… Enjoy the workshops! I wish i could join!

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